Our Community Hospital Partnerships

Community Hospital Partnerships 

KHA has built a network of Community Hospital partnerships with a focus on improving the delivery of high-quality care close to home since that is where the majority of paediatric acute care is delivered. 

Community Hospital Partners represent a diversity of hospital organizations (urban, rural, regional hub) and geographies. 

Community Hospital Implementation Partners 

With our implementation partners we focus on moving evidence into practice by collectively implementing clinical guidelines in Emergency Departments (EDs) and Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs), and enabling sustainable change through change management support.   


Through KHA, partners embrace an All Teach, All Learn model to implement, monitor and sustain shared goals. They share data, resources and lessons learned across the Network through various KHA forums to accelerate collective success, and have already expressed that they are observing improvements in care and a renewed focus on paediatrics. 

Our principles 

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